Industry Validation

Akademe, in collaboration with respective Market Experts, has identified the syllabus of the various courses as per industry standards to meet the growing demands of market. They help create and validate our modules as well as teach them. These courses will be based on our formalised syllabus of learning, with an overlay of their real life experiences, examples and case studies.

With the demand for digital training growing year on year, our mission is to provide consistency and excellence through standardized testing. Our industry validated syllabus provides the latest courses to help individuals reach their full potential.

We understand your market

  • Turn prospects to potential applicants
  • Get involved with the students by understanding what they actually want to study through counselling sessions
  • Increase awareness in the online community
  • Get cross-reference market leads
  • Improve the overall image of your Courses and streamline your processes
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Our Partners

All of akademe's Partner Institutes have been carefully chosen to make sure that we provide to you the best experience in learning.

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