As an upcoming pacesetter in the industry, akademe partners with Institutes & Organizations that are committed to providing the best training available.

The skill gap in the industry

We live in an increasingly complex world with growing technology where everyone is going digital and mobile. Information which is presently relevant can be invalid tomorrow. The increased use of these technologies has created a global demand for talent worldwide - technically, digitally and personally. Despite this, there is a huge gap - the skills which are essential in today's world and the actual skills individuals possess, causing barriers to job advancement.

This is the reason why understanding through education is imperative. With the right qualifications, there can be the waves of change. It is not only about making the choice to learn but about choosing who to learn from. By learning from the best, our strengths are aligned professionally at the various levels of industry.

Partner Benefits

Increase awareness in the online community
Get involved with the students by understanding what they actually want to study through counselling sessions
Get cross-reference market leads
Turn prospects to potential applicants
Improve the overall image of your Courses and streamline your processes

The goal

At akademe, our goal is to help individuals find relevant training courses for professional / personal development.

We are here to understand and confront these skills shortage through industry validated courses and equipping individuals with the required qualifications to achieve success in today's current market.

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